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How to Choose a Photographer?

There is not a simple way to answer this but there is a lot of information online fortunately!
What I would like to share with you is that my approach to wedding photography is client based. Together we will make the decisions to make your day flow as smoothly and joyously as it should be. I believe in focusing on your personal style and to listening to all suggestions you may have for the day and then go in the background where I can capture the best moments of your life as genuinely and unobtrusively as possible.
Besides our professionalism and great customer service, -please check our reviews- we offer incredibly affordable prices, we carry very small overhead to pass you the savings.

ME: I got my start in the world of fashion late in life, but when the opportunity presented itself I chose to be a wedding photographer. The reason why is obvious, doing this not only can I capture a magical day but I get to share people's happiest day of their lives! 

 My philosophy is simple:  Give your best as a human being and not only as a photographer or  as a business person .

For me life is a journey where I can meet incredible human beings and I get to be their best friend even if it only for a day.  Hire me, and you'll have amazing images taken by a professional that has been on business for the last 12 years with great reviews not only for her work but her customer service.